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More efficient management of wind turbines at ABO Wind AG thanks to mobile data acquisition with Reportheld

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“When choosing our new field service solution, it was particularly important to us that the software should be easy and intuitive to use in order to achieve a high level of acceptance among our technicians.”

Rainer Brucker
Information technology wind farm management

Your specialist for digitization in technical service

“When service technicians are deployed, two things are particularly important: good documentation and collaboration. With Reportheld, the technicians from AboWind always have the entire team of experts with them on their smartphones. “

Andrea Hassel
Project manager
Report hero team

Worldwide exams via app

Reportheld now enables Vensys to carry out quality controls easily and digitally via smartphone, tablet and cloud

No more typing in paper lists

All steps bundled, clearly accessible with a fraction of the effort on the tablet or smartphone – no manual assignment and recording of photos and defects.

Digital work made easy

A particularly simple and intuitive operation increases the acceptance among the ABO Wind technicians.


Results at a glance

The test instructions are automatically and product-specifically generated for the tester. The head office sees all results in real time in specifically configured dashboards.

Defect detection with one click

A digitally available fault catalog records all construction-specific faults in a central database. The catalog can be accessed directly on site in the checklist.

Real-time synchronization

Automatic synchronization makes it possible to provide real-time support from the back office without having to be on site as an expert.


Intuitive solution for maintenance and appraisals

Intuitive solution for maintenance and appraisals

The project developer and wind farm operator ABO Wind AG is converting its data acquisition for inspections across Europe to the mobile business app Reportheld. The application is seamlessly integrated into the existing software and system landscape and enables optimized mobile recording of the project-specific test parameters. In this way, the company achieves significant increases in quality, time and cost efficiency.

Since July 2018, the technicians from ABO Wind have been on the road with Reportheld on their smartphones or tablets in wind farms all over Europe. The app guides you step by step through the specific test process: with precise information on the respective wind turbine. Thanks to a digitally available fault catalog including RDS-PP markings, faults are recorded on-site for a specific component and precisely described. Via a cloud connection, Reportheld automatically synchronizes the recorded information with the secondary systems at ABO Wind so that it can be further processed there without media disruptions.


Individual processes and standardized test routines

Individual processes and standardized test routines

“With the tailor-made approach from Reportheld, we will also map other processes such as maintenance and expert reports in the future.” An important aspect for a company like ABO Wind, which operates more than 500 wind farms worldwide, looks after numerous others in the context of individual and maintenance orders and has so far planned and built around 650 wind turbines, solar parks and biogas plants itself.

The inspection and maintenance of wind turbines is a data-intensive business. The starting point is always the condition-based test of the electrical and mechanical components. On this basis, in-depth expert examinations are carried out, reports are drawn up and the need for repairs is determined. The amount of data that is collected and processed in these activities is considerable.


Standardization, automation, integration

Standardization, automation, integration

Since the start of the project in March 2018, the mobile business experts from groupXS have been able to close the gap between manual data entry on site and electronic processing with their intuitive mobile application. The information is recorded directly on the smartphone or tablet. The automatic transfer to further systems takes place without delay or media breaks and taking into account the standardized resource structures (RDS-PP). In this way, the information can be categorized according to the status, event and cause code (ZEUS) and further processed meaningfully in external systems.

For groupXS managing director Tobias Hertkorn, performance and flexibility of the application are the decisive success factors of the project: “Across industries, it is becoming increasingly important to create high-performance solutions for specific functions that can be seamlessly integrated into an overall solution.” At ABO Wind, this approach already saves time and improves quality: On the one hand, Reportheld creates the database for the standardized data exchange (GSP) of service results. At the same time, through the analysis of the collected data, the user receives in-depth knowledge about the quality and service life of the systems, operating resources and components – promptly and in a resource-saving manner.

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Reportheld is a product of groupXS Solutions GmbH. It drastically improves the collaboration of mobile teams. Use your smartphone or tablet – whether Android, Windows or iOS – for inspections and documentation tasks outside the office. Finally, in the office, use the app for desktops to work on more than just your PC or Mac. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms and safety instructions are integrated in the smartphone or tablet. Speed, convenience, efficiency and security are significantly increased. Reportheld is hosted in Germany, according to German data protection guidelines.

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