Digital system maintenance
with Reportheld

Siemens Energy provides quick maintenance recommendations for high-voltage systems based on Reportheld – a decisive advantage when the maintenance budget is used optimally.

Projectmanagement Siemens Energy

“With Reportheld, our customers receive real-time information about the condition of their systems, the expected remaining service life and whether maintenance is really necessary.”

Tobias Ziesemer
Service product manager
Siemens Energy

Your specialist for the digitization of infrastructure

“When it comes to digitization processes, we always keep an eye on all of the company’s processes and areas. In this way we optimize the workflow not only selectively, but across the board. “

Oliver Fehmel
Project manager
Reportheld team

Worldwide exams via app

Reportheld now enables Siemens to test global energy systems easily and digitally via smartphone, tablet and cloud

No more typing in paper lists

All steps are bundled and clearly accessible with a fraction of the previous effort on the tablet or smartphone

Digital work made easy

Mobile application and test processes were individually adapted to Siemens in order to give the team an easy entry to digital testing


Results at a glance

Individual preparation of the data using a spider web diagram, whereby the life expectancy of a system is broken down into core areas and maintenance recommendations according to importance and urgency

Reports right on the spot

The test report is generated automatically in the Siemens design as a PDF and sent to the customer on request

Real-time synchronization

“SAFE Remote Services” enables automatic real-time synchronization – providing real-time support from the back office without having to be on site as an expert




Since October 2018, Siemens Energy Management employees have been using a new app on their smartphones or tablets to check energy systems around the world.

“Siemens Assessments for Energy” (“SAFE” for short) guides you step by step with predefined criteria through the testing process and concludes with the so-called SAFE report: The customer receives a preview of the report directly on site. The detailed analysis is then sent by email directly from the app.

The mobile collaboration solution Reportheld from groupXS in Bayreuth, which has been tried and tested in numerous industries, forms the basis for the fast and standardized testing process. The objective evaluation according to predefined criteria enables plant operators to set priorities quickly and well-founded in the maintenance of equipment and to plan and use maintenance budgets effectively.


Auditors and system operators benefit equally

Auditors and system operators benefit equally

“Up until now we had to deal with printed checklists on site and then type the results in the office,” recalls sales representative Sven Schwandt. With SAFE, however, he does all the steps bundled, clearly and with a fraction of the effort on the tablet or smartphone: “The app’s user interface guides you through answering the questionnaire, photos are created directly with the mobile device and automatically inserted into the report.” This means that the customer receives an initial preview of the report on site. After the test has been completed, the report is also completed in the app and sent to the customer immediately by email.

Plant operator benefits
SAFE delivers the central result in the form of a spider web diagram, which breaks down the life expectancy of a system according to core areas and maintenance recommendations according to importance and urgency.

New business fields in the aftermarket
Thanks to the automatic real-time synchronization with the server, the solution also opens up new business areas, such as “SAFE Remote Services”. Employees in the back office can provide remote support in assessing systems without having to be on site as experts themselves


Cross-industry software solution

Cross-industry software solution

The basis of the joint project is a scientifically determined algorithm that was iteratively embedded in the in-house software solution “Reportheld” by the business app specialists groupXS – naturally in close coordination with Siemens Energy Management.

“We have been working together as a team in all phases of the project in a very pragmatic and goal-oriented manner since June 2017: from the definition of the requirements to the agile design of the application to the roll-out,” says Sebastian Schmidt, Managing Director at groupXS, looking back on the development process .

The cross-platform development for Android or iOS devices, which the developers have also taken on a larger scale, also ensures problem-free implementation. “The tool can also be used to digitize other highly complex documentation and evaluation processes,” states Sebastian Schmidt. At Siemens, for example, Reportheld is now also used for other processes, such as status documentation for control systems in power grids or safety protocols.

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Reportheld is a product of groupXS Solutions GmbH. It drastically improves the collaboration of mobile teams. Use your smartphone or tablet – whether Android, Windows or iOS – for inspections and documentation tasks outside the office. Finally, in the office, use the app for desktops to work on more than just your PC or Mac. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms and safety instructions are integrated in the smartphone or tablet. Speed, convenience, efficiency and security are significantly increased. Reportheld is hosted in Germany, according to German data protection guidelines.

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