Digital wind turbine maintenance
with Reportheld

groupXS implements Reportheld at Vensys Energy AG for the inspection of wind turbines

Project management,
Vensys Energy AG

“With Reportheld we not only digitize the work of our employees – which in itself saves a lot of work and time and makes paper obsolete – we also enable colleagues in the office to continue working directly in real time.”

Roman Schmidt
Overall Head of Service
Vensys Energy AG

Your specialist for the digitization of wind turbines

“The maintenance of wind turbines makes the highest demands. Especially since these are mostly located in very rural areas, our offline capability and the integrated error catalogs are the two most important features in these operations.

Stefan Diersch
Project manager
Report hero team

Worldwide exams via app

Reportheld now enables Vensys to carry out quality controls easily and digitally via smartphone, tablet and cloud

No more typing in paper lists

All steps are bundled and clearly accessible with a fraction of the previous effort on the tablet or smartphone

Digital work made easy

Mobile application and test processes were individually adapted to Vensys in order to give the team an easy entry to digital testing


Results at a glance

The test instructions are automatically and product-specifically generated for the tester. The head office sees all results in real time in specifically configured dashboards.

Reports right on the spot

The quality control results are available in real time.

Real-time synchronization

Automatic real-time synchronization makes it possible to provide real-time support from the back office without having to be on site as an expert


Optimization of the sales force

Optimization of the sales force

Vensys Energy AG, a leading manufacturer of gearless wind turbines in the megawatt and multi-megawatt range, uses Reportheld to increase the efficiency of the technical field service and the quality of cooperation.

As one of the leading manufacturers of gearless wind turbines in the megawatt and multiwatt range, Vensys attaches great importance to solid workmanship, extensive quality management and reliable maintenance. Your full maintenance includes constant operational control, all inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs, which requires precision and good resource management.

The digitization of these processes by Reportheld facilitates the documentation, makes test processes more efficient and offers a quick and efficient overview of all collected data and test results.
In addition, the customers of Vensys AG also benefit.
The use of Reportheld in maintenance processes means that costs can be planned as much as possible and investment is secure.


Efficient collaboration - from field service to accounting

Efficient collaboration - from field service to accounting

Initially, around 20 service technicians from Vensys Energy AG – distributed across wind turbines throughout Germany – and the associated back office with a report helper will work to experience “Smart Mobile Collaboration” in practice. Over the next few months, the app was then iteratively adapted to the specific requirements.


Tailor-made and individual

Tailor-made and individual

“We are very pleased to have won another well-known customer in the field of renewable energies in Vensys,” says Tobias Hertkorn, Managing Director of groupXS. “In addition, for the first time, process optimization is carried through to the accounting systems, so that billing-relevant data can now also be processed fully automatically.”

Behind the joint project is a team made up of experienced service technicians, IT and process experts and the overall service manager from Vensys. In a first step, it defines the optimal maintenance processes at Vensys and the necessary interfaces to existing IT systems. On this basis, Reportheld is then tailored to the company, its needs and IT structure in several iteration loops. A comparatively early involvement of the field staff makes it possible to take user requests into account in the implementation phase – this optimizes the work processes and at the same time the acceptance of the new tool.

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Reportheld is a product of groupXS Solutions GmbH. It drastically improves the collaboration of mobile teams. Use your smartphone or tablet – whether Android, Windows or iOS – for inspections and documentation tasks outside the office. Finally, in the office, use the app for desktops to work on more than just your PC or Mac. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms and safety instructions are integrated in the smartphone or tablet. Speed, convenience, efficiency and security are significantly increased. Reportheld is hosted in Germany, according to German data protection guidelines.

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