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A platform solution for all areas

A platform solution for all areas

As a provider of a software suite, there are many advantages over providers of simple apps:

  • Comprehensive integration
  • In-depth customization options
  • Your corporate design
  • Cross-departmental workflows
  • Optimal collaboration through real-time synchronization
  • Performance stability through offline capability
  • Absolute device independence (smartphones, tablets,
    Smartwatches, headmounted tablets, etc.)

And the most important point is working in partnership . Because in this way you can ensure that in the end you will have your solution in your hand and not a compromise product. In the worst case, the product will not be accepted by the team and the digitization project will fail completely. The software should therefore adapt to the processes – not the employees to the software. With flexible customization and specific customer service, Reportheld ensures that your digitization measure is a success, even with complex processes.

Visible and invisible success factors

Intuitive design

On premises hosting

App for iOS and Android

Web application

Corporate identity

Cloud hosting



System connections



Employee satisfaction


Offline capability


Real-time synchronization


Developed by the groupXS Solutions GmbH

Developed by the groupXS Solutions GmbH

Reportheld is a product from groupXS and is developed and supported in Germany. Our team is based in Bayreuth and works with servers in Frankfurt / Main that we use exclusively.
As a software development company, we specialize in creating tailor-made applications for companies. We believe that listening carefully, open feedback and maximum transparency are the keys to an optimal solution. Compared to our competitors, we distinguish ourselves through engagement, flexibility and a profound understanding when it comes to the requirements of our customers. We think differently. And that’s good.

We are

We work agilely and always closely with you – so we can react quickly if necessary, scale the necessary capacities and solve challenges very quickly.

we think along
with you

We enjoy realizing solutions to complex problems and thinking outside the box when communicating with our customers.

We are

We are used to responding to the requirements of your process and orienting our solutions to them – and not to a set of features carved in stone.

We spare
your budget

As a distributed team, we are lean and financially independent as a company. We pass the cost advantage on to our customers.

Smart Mobile Collaboration® with the best

Reportheld has proven itself in highly complex scenarios at leading companies.
We would be happy to present selected references to you in more detail.

We are happy to help!

These companies rely on Reportheld


Reportheld is a product of groupXS Solutions GmbH. It drastically improves the collaboration of mobile teams. Use your smartphone or tablet – whether Android, Windows or iOS – for inspections and documentation tasks outside the office. Finally, in the office, use the app for desktops to work on more than just your PC or Mac. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms and safety instructions are integrated in the smartphone or tablet. Speed, convenience, efficiency and security are significantly increased. Reportheld is hosted in Germany, according to German data protection guidelines.

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groupXS Solutions GmbH
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© 2022 Reportheld by groupXS Solutions GmbH All rights reserved.