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How to optimize
your Planning processes with report hero

save time with Reportheld

Save time through interfaces to third-party systems that enable you to merge employee availability, resource status and deployment lists.

Increase your efficiency

Increase your efficiency by automatically retrieving the planning parameters and thereby identify bottlenecks at a glance. This means that faster reactions are possible and the effort is lower.

Ensure more transparency

Provide more transparency with functions such as the planning board or the dashboard. This gives you an overview of all relevant information about your processes from planning to completion.

Smart planning with Reportheld

Smart planning with Reportheld

Planning and disposition do not always take place with foresight. Sometimes sudden missions can make planning more difficult or even discard it. With Reportheld you have a wide range of options in that you not only carry out long-term planning, but can also react quickly to unforeseen incidents. This makes Reportheld the right tool for every scenario:

Complex maintenance schedules

With Reportheld you can create complex machine-specific maintenance plans by creating checklists with different variants. In this way, the documentation is prepared and operations including the required resources are planned in advance.


When machines report malfunctions, these can be managed directly in Reportheld. All relevant information is retrieved via interfaces and an operation to rectify the incident can be planned. With the planning board you have all resources at a glance and can assign the assignment to an employee with one click.

lack of documentation

If a defect is discovered during the inspection, it can be documented in detail thanks to the integrated error catalogue. The error report is then sent and a deployment to rectify the defect can be planned.

Planning board - for Maintenance work and maintenance

Planning board - for
Maintenance work
and maintenance

Visualization according to systems and employees (calendar / list view)

Trigger activities cyclically, signal-based or manually

Summarize activities in logs and log files

Assign jobs with a click of the mouse

Jobs per
Assign mouse click

Select the job to be scheduled and set a date

Define one or more responsible employees

Confirm job

results evaluate


Visualize maintenance results in freely configurable dashboards

Dashboards are synchronized with test entries every minute

Dashboards can also be connected to external databases

Perform jobs Digitally via mobile device

Perform jobs Digitally via mobile device

Employees receive the maintenance orders in real time on their mobile device

Relevant information, checklists and reference images are available in the intuitive and powerful Reportheld applications. Of course, fully offline.

Integrated consistency checks and meaningful error catalogs make work easier and increase quality

warehouse administer


Receive inventory information from Reportheld and external systems

With Reportheld, materials from connected warehouses can also be booked and stocks can be viewed.

If further information – such as from FLIR cameras for thermography or other sources – is required during the operation

Reports produce


Results of the test cases are output in an automatically generated PDF or Word report

Design of the reports according to your specifications in your corporate design

Optionally, several types of reports per test case are possible

An excerpt of our features for the planning process


Logs can be dynamically expanded during the walkthrough.

Interfaces to
third-party systems

Reportheld also communicates directly with your ERP system or other tools in your system landscape.


With the digital planning board, you can plan and dispose of your assets with just a few clicks.

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Reportheld is a product of groupXS Solutions GmbH. It drastically improves the collaboration of mobile teams. Use your smartphone or tablet – whether Android, Windows or iOS – for inspections and documentation tasks outside the office. Finally, in the office, use the app for desktops to work on more than just your PC or Mac. With Reportheld, your processes, checklists, forms and safety instructions are integrated in the smartphone or tablet. Speed, convenience, efficiency and security are significantly increased. Reportheld is hosted in Germany, according to German data protection guidelines.

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